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How we do kiosk manufacturing at 10 Squared. 

Here at 10 Squared, interactive kiosk manufacturing is at the heart and sole of everything we do. We’re located within Yorkshire and are situated in our recently expanded technology and manufacturing facility. Our facility houses a full CNC fabrication and machining capability. Likewise, it also has dedicated environment for the production and assembly of our products. 

As a result, we are able to provide a total service for delivering bespoke digital solutions. This means that our products and services are extremely flexible, adaptive, and most importantly meet our customers’ exact criteria. Moreover, we can tailor each kiosk design to manufacture and produce a final product that offers the features required to solve your users’ digital needs. 

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Why use interactive kiosks? 

An interactive kiosk utilises computer technology, specialised hardware and dedicated software. The aim of this is always to provide the user with a more effective, efficient and streamlined experience. These features then provide access to information and application through a range of digital solutions for multiple markets, such as:

The difference between 10 Squared and other kiosk manufacturing companies.

For many kiosk providers in the UK it’s all about selling a standard or “off the shelf” product. Here at 10 Squared we see things differently… We know that for each of our customers a kiosk is more than just a product, it’s a solution!

That’s why we design, manufacture, and support our customers each step of the way when producing our customers’ digital solution; whether it be a self-service kiosk, digital signage, or a completely bespoke interactive solution. Whatever the need is we make sure that we can produce a solution that works for you.

Kiosk manufacturing at 10 Squared

About us 

Formed in 2004 with the coming together of ten industry leading technology professionals; 10 Squared has developed into the UK’s premier digital integration specialist. Otherwise known as the premier UK Kiosk Supplier / Manufacturer.

We provide a vast range of solutions in and around kiosk manufacture and digital innovation. As a result, 10 Squared has a combined experience of over 200 years in the digital out of home industry. Along with an unrivalled expertise in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of a broad range of technology based products. 

How we work.

From initial development through to the day to day operation of your solution, we offer all the support you will need. These areas of kiosk maintenance and support include: 

  • Concept Visualisation
  • Product Design
  • Account & Project Management
  • Bespoke Software
  • Hardware Support
  • Maintenance Cover
  • Installation Services. 

On average, we have designed a new product every week for the last 15 years. In doing so our team of designers are always ready and waiting to produce the next digital solution, making them perfectly matched to support your business. 

Kiosk Manufacturing Process - Bulk

With an ever-expanding portfolio of high quality products with a contemporary design aesthetic – not to mention our increasing back catalogue of completed development projects – we feel we can offer a unique service to both new and existing customers. 

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What are the processes of kiosk manufacturing?

When it comes to kiosk manufacturing there are a couple stages to consider. By following our processes we can go from concept to completion and provide a finished product with an overall great level of service. 

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Here are the key stages of our manufacturing process and what they include. Read more about these below.

Kiosk design.

The first aspect of kiosk design is all about the customer’s ideas, functional requirements and meeting their expectations. At this point we carry out research to understand what features, functionality, and aesthetics should be included to make an effective solution for both their needs as a business and their users needs.

The kiosk design stage is used to create bespoke kiosk solutions that support the client to address their market needs. Utilising our skills and experience within kiosk design to create an array of conceptual and environmental renders for the client to review we can accurately visualise both the form and function to our customer.  

Following from this our designers take the desired concept and create a fully functional 3-D CAD model. Our software lets us design and modify the kiosk designs, allowing us to go from a simple modification on a standard model to a completely bespoke design. As a result our designers and engineers can effectively work together to develop fully functional kiosks that can even incorporate new and innovative technologies. 

Kiosk Manufacture.

After developing a detailed design – that shows every fixing, weld point, component, bracket and hinge. We can then send the design file to the engineers in our in house CNC fabrication workshop to begin the fabrication process. All our kiosks start from flat sheet material and go through a process of laser cutting, folding, routing, welding and dressing before being prepared for a durable powder coat finish.

Kimla CNC Fabriction process

Our experienced fitters can then begin the process of assembling the kiosk, once the parts have been painted. We have a highly flexible assembly space which is set up to optimise large quantity kiosk manufacture and roll outs in addition to more bespoke and one off kiosk prototype production.

Now we have assembled the kiosk we can then carry out a series of inspections. The first being testing of all the fitted components before the integration of our client’s bespoke kiosk software. Then after a minimum of 48 hours, the kiosk left on test mode, before finally another inspection is take to ensure quality and functionality of the final product.

Kiosk delivery & support.

The final part of the process is staging, this where we clean, inspect, wrap and package our kiosks. Each stage of the process happens at our kiosk manufacturing facility before we deliver them to their final destinations. The best part is that even after the product’s delivery we continue to guide our clients. Offering a strategic action plan for their kiosk deployment.

Team member - Kiosk Quality Check

Additionally, we also support our clients with a dedicated support team ready to assist clients, aside from the end-to-end quality solutions we provide. Moreover, as a kiosk manufacturer with the ability to provide our services completely in-house, we can control each step to ensure the best quality for our clients. As a result, if the client ever does have an issue we have in-house personnel ready to address these problems quickly and effectively.

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