XTf/ XTw

The XT range provide an elegant solution to self-service. It effortlessly combines a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic with a functional platform. Suitable for a variety of transactional and ticketing requirements, this kiosk can house a barcode scanner, printer, RFID and chip & pin and is perfect for environments where style is important.


The Modus is completely modular and can be freestanding, desk mounted or wall mounted. The modularity of this model makes it a perfect solution for our customers who may have different requirements across their business but still want to maintain the same look of “family” of products. The Modus is ideally suited for payment, check in, ticketing and access control and can house a barcode scanner, printer, RFID and chip & pin.

Modus 672 kiosk
Self Service Kiosk


When space is limited the Halo is a popular choice. With only a modest footprint the Halo can still house barcode scanner, printer, RFID and chip & pin and is suitable for a variety of transactional, ticketing and access control requirements. All of this combined with LED illumination and a flush glass screen area result in an unimposing kiosk which will still draw your customers attention.

Order Point

The Order Point one of our smallest kiosks, based around a 15.6 inch touchscreen and discrete design, it is perfectly suited to hospitality and access control environments. It is incredibly versatile and can be freestanding, wall mounted or fixed to a counter, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your business.

order point
Xte-672 touch screen payment and collection machine


The XTe is a fully loaded cash transactional kiosk capable of handling coins & notes and providing change. The rugged external housing and internal steel cash box make this a highly secure kiosk, putting our customers minds at rest knowing that their business is safe. The aesthetics of the XTe look great in any environment and move away from the “box” shape associated with traditional full cash solutions.


The GTs2 is the successor to the GTs, one of our most successful kiosks over the last 10 years. It is deceptively spacious and can accommodate most peripherals you could need, whilst still maintaining a slim profile and contemporary look. The capacity of the GTs2 makes it a popular choice for customers utilising cash, card dispensers and larger format printers.

Interactive Self Service Kiosk
VK32 Touch screen ticket system


The VK32 keeps a slim and unobtrusive profile but offers a larger 32 inch PCAP touchscreen. This gives you a larger screen area to display your brand and communicate with your customers.


The VK03 is highly versatile and multifunctional considering its smaller size. It is wall mounted allowing you to provide your customers a complete self service experience in environments where floor space is limited.

Digital Displays