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Social Distancing with Self-Service Kiosks

The difficulties of social distancing.

During the previous months, social distancing has been an integral part of sustaining each other’s health and saving lives. Causing many to self-isolate, putting themselves in a state of quarantine, especially during the lockdown. 

However, there are also a lot of us who are still working; within the postal service industry, food industry, and many more. Likewise, a lot of those who are stuck at home are ordering multiple deliveries and are still required to travel for essential items. 

This poses a massive threat for vulnerable audiences who must avoid all contact, as reasonably possible. As well as everyone else that are trying hard to social distance from others.

Unfortunately, attempting to completely social distancing can be very difficult; when having to interact with those at food stores, collecting deliveries, and various other means of contact. Which is why there is a need for innovative and sustainable methods to achieve great social distancing.  

Self-service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks: Integrated digital solutions for social distancing.

Self-service kiosks.

Kiosks are becoming an increasingly common feature of everyday life, with the technology only growing stronger and more efficient with each day. Which is why they’re the perfect digital solution for improving methods of social distancing. 

For instance, self-service kiosks are terminals which integrates hardware and software to create an interactive environment for multiple usage. As an example, these kiosks can do the following for customers and users:

  • Provide access to unlimited information.
  • Display inventory availability.
  • Offer menus, guides, and various other features.
  • Support queuing, travel, and even purchase. 

Not only do kiosks offer an abundance of choice and variation for customer use, they’re also exceedingly great for the business. This is because our kiosks are often bespoke and can therefore have a personalised design and functionality. 

Here at 10 Squared, we provide the design, manufacture and even installation of our kiosks. By having this all in-house there’s really no limit to what we can produce, allowing us to create technological advances in our industry. 

A safe and secure method for businesses.

Utilising kiosks for social distancing purposes is a great alternative in comparison with face-to-face interactions. This is due to it being a much more safe and secure method for business, not to mention it’s a lot more controlled. 

Equally the same results can be generated from products other than self-service kiosks. Like our bespoke digital signage as well as other interactive and innovative products that we offer.

Digital Signage - The Slimline

On the other hand, both the product itself and it’s technology can be improved for social distancing measures. For the product we can shape and apply features for all environments and audiences, to make it truly universal for use – whilst being ergonomic designed. We also apply special coatings to our products to make them easier to clean and more durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As for the functionality of our products, this can be bespoke for any situation. Here we can apply features for voice commands, scanners, and integrate almost any technology for their intended purpose. Allowing the user to achieve greater results with a maintained quality for others.

In addition to their great use, these products are also widely available and have seen use in multiple markets, such as:

Which is why we provide a wide range of support to our existing clients and new customers that are interested in investing into these areas. To make workplaces and social environments much more efficient and in our current situation… a lot more safe.

Kiosk design and manufacture: The products and technology amongst COVID-19.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, a new range of products and technology are being produced due to the pandemic. This has seen kiosk design and manufacture adapt to a whole new range of specialist needs; working closely with leading industries to set a new benchmark for how to utilise technology within the crisis. 

For example, kiosks and digital signage have been designed to be more prominent, displaying bold messages such as the prominent “Stay Alert – Control The Virus – Save Lives” slogan that was newly announced. 

Digital Signage - COVID 19 UK Slogan

Furthermore, within kiosk manufacture, products have been developed for an array of different uses. Some of these include:

  • Temperature checking kiosks.
  • Antibacterial kiosks.
  • Contactless kiosks.
  • Contactless self-service kiosks.
  • Coronavirus testing kiosks.

These are being utilised in all sorts of different areas, from fast food restaurants and shopping malls to banks and hospitals. In the hope to encourage social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus. 

Moreover, these products and features are seeing use throughout the UK, in an attempt to make a positive improvement on the situation. If you’re interested in developing a new and extraordinary kiosk, digital signage, or interactive product for your market… get in touch so we can make it a reality. 

If you have any questions around our products and services, or require information about 10 Squared and our handling of COVID-19, feel free to contact us via the website or telephone.

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