Cancer Research UK's contactless payment machine

Contactless Payment For Cancer Research UK.

Introducing contactless payment.

Recently, we attended an event aimed to increase the use of contactless payment technologies within the charity sector. Contactless payment has become increasingly popular for the use of gathering donations. To which has made that process much more accessible for wider audiences. We were invited to event because our team’s recent involvement on a project. This was in partnership with Clear Channel and Cancer Research UK. For this project we created an interactive payment machine for public use. 

This innovative payment solution allows users to access it through the shop window. The payment system uses a through-glass RFID reader. As well as the integration of a 55 inch high bright LCD screen, which allows the public to make low denomination payments 24 hours a day. 

Payment technologies for charities.

Integrating contactless payment with these technologies also provides many other benefits. For example, this particular payment method eliminates direct contact for those that want to be discreet with donations. Alternatively, how the machine is on public display can make it a lot more accessible for users. This can encourages those that see it to make a donation – which then encourages others in the area as well. 

Alternatively, the use of digital signage can also have great influence on near by audiences. By having digital signage and other technologies, the process for suers can be much more engaging and prosperous. This way the payment machines can be both rewarding for the charity and also the user. Some charities have even used digital signage for more than just engagement. Utilising the display interactive capabilities to both inform and educate audience about the charities cause.

On the other hand, with the evolution of digital currency and payment methods, fewer people are using cash. This is important for charities as it urges them to start looking at innovative ways to collect donations. digital payment machines being an excellent example.

The value gained from the event.

The event was a great open forum for charities, suppliers and banks to discuss new ideas and exciting new possibilities for the future. To which gave us the opportunity to go through ideas of bespoke digital solutions that could potentially be used to aid charities in their work. 

It was a great experience for 10 Squared and we can’t wait to see how contactless payments and other technologies get used by charities in the future.

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