Iceland Case Study

Nationwide digital refurbishment uplifts sales by 120-150%

In a bid to grow and diversify its customer base and entice more shoppers into store, Iceland undertook an extensive refurbishment programme to modernise a significant number of its 900 stores.


10 Squared were engaged to design a range of ‘in window’ digital signage solutions to replace the famous Iceland deals posters, creating a modern and unobtrusive marketing medium. The main design considerations for the totem products were to create a slim-line, low profile solution to be located in the limited floor space between the checkout and front windows. The curved profile and machined corners together with the toughened glass internal screen fascia and architectural powder coat finish ensure that the totems offer a durable and safe solution in this high traffic area.

In collaboration with the client, 10 Squared also developed a digital end of aisle solution to be situated above the freezer units to advertise special deals within store.


These display solutions have revolutionised the way Iceland communicates with its customers, allowing them to centrally deploy consistent marketing collateral throughout the estate and targeted advertisements to fit the demographic, season, time of day or any special occasion. These solutions also helped contribute to the modernisation of Iceland stores, bringing the shopping experience right up-to-date and luring new customers through the door.


10 Squared have and continue to deliver window totems and end of aisle units direct to site to support the current roll out of 2 stores refurbishments per week for the last 2 years.