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How Restaurants benefit from Digital Kiosks 

Digital kiosks benefit a wide range of businesses. From training staff and enticing customers in the retail sector to helping guests check-in to a hotel, the applications are almost as varied as the industries themselves. 

But there’s one sector in particular that benefits from digital kiosks more than any other. The restaurant world is a competitive one; digital kiosks can help give you an edge over your biggest business rivals, no matter what type of restaurant you run. Today we’re going to explain how restaurants benefit from digital kiosks, and which are best for you.  

Do Restaurants need Digital Kiosks?  

If you own, or have worked in, a restaurant, you know that anything that streamlines the process is worth its weight in gold. Quicker service leads to satisfied customers, no matter what type of restaurant you run.  

Here are the types of restaurants who can benefit from digital kiosks: 

  • Fast Food/QSRs (Quick-Service Restaurants)  
  • Fine Dining 
  • Casual Restaurants 
  • Cafés  
  • Pop-Up Restaurants 

Essentially, if you’re serving food and drinks to customers, digital kiosks can help your restaurant stand out. But it’s important to understand how to get the most out of your kiosks.  

The Best Digital Kiosks for Restaurants 

There are a number of digital kiosks that can be used in restaurants. Let’s go over them one at a time.  

The most popular are self-service kiosks for QSRs. These enable customers to place their order from an interactive screen and collect it from the counter.  

This reduces queuing and allows staff to provide better customer service to customers who would rather order at the counter. The orders are sent to another screen in the kitchen, removing the need for tickets that can be misinterpreted, lost, or can cause mix-ups. In such a fast-paced kitchen environment, clear communication is key, and when the information is transmitted instantly, the time saved adds up fast.  

Self-service kiosks have HD touch screens that makes ordering a breeze. The images and text are clear, languages can be changed, and customers can see the entire menu all in one location.  

These screens are a great opportunity to advertise deals. As the customer places their order, your menu can suggest additional items and discounts in a way that isn’t intrusive or slows down the ordering process. Since it’s a digital medium, the menu can be updated daily, or as often as you need it.  

Finally, digital kiosks are a great way to collect feedback from your customers. After their order has been placed, and their payment has been processed, a small feedback popup gives them the ability to get their voice heard, and help you gather data in a way that doesn’t use up your team’s valuable time.  

Digital Kiosks for Restaurant Staff 

We’ve mentioned them briefly already, but digital kiosks are just as useful for your staff as they are for customers.  

Orders are shown to kitchen staff via clear screens. They can be read at a glance, with no need to interact with them directly. This not only saves time; it is also more hygienic. 

The digital kiosks we provide are always bespoke. If you buy a standardised screen, you may find that it takes up too much space or can only be fitted in a specific area that might not suit your team. We work around you, establishing your exact needs and creating the perfect solution.  

Our kiosks are easy to install and set up, so your team can get the hang of them quickly, before you open the doors to hungry customers. If any training is required, we’re happy to provide it, and you’ll be able to contact us any time with questions.  

Speaking of training, we have digital kiosks that help with that part of your business too. Training staff using laptops, tablets, or even paper and pens can be a thing of the past. Our interactive kiosks can contain everything a staff member needs to get up to speed, including:   

  • Documents to read/sign 
  • Labelled maps of the restaurant  
  • Interactive quizzes and tests  
  • Engaging introductory videos 
  • Safety information  

With everything at their fingertips, important information is hard to miss, and it can be absorbed in more engaging ways. This gives new staff confidence to work well from day one.  

Digital Kiosks for Restaurant Seating  

The final type of kiosk we’ll be discussing is important for both customers and staff.  

When a customer enters a traditional restaurant, they need to be seated efficiently. No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when you’ve booked ahead.  

Our seating plan kiosks can be set up at the entrance to your restaurant. A member of staff has access to a digital seating plan, showing which tables are available, and which are reserved in real time. Then all they need is the name of the customer and they can be seated in seconds. 

Instead of logbooks and scraps of paper, using a digital kiosk is the modern way to keep track of reservations. No matter how casual the setting is, a restaurant that uses modern technology will always stand out from any still using traditional methods. It sends a message to both staff and customers that your business is thriving and is keeping up with the times, which is a crucial part of maintaining your reputation.  

You can also display an interactive table guide so customers can find their own table or reservation. This frees up your staff from being front of house, without making customer service worse. An interactive menu could be included as well, allowing customers to browse before they are seated.  

Our digital kiosks are designed with accessibility in mind. The displays are clear and bold, even if you have sight issues, and the touch screens are easy for anyone to use.  

Digital Kiosks for Restaurants 

If you own a restaurant, and aren’t using digital kiosks to maximise efficiency, you’re stagnating your growth as a business. Incorporating kiosks makes you look more modern, and they have multiple benefits for both staff and your customers.   

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