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How Digital Kiosks Support Retail Staff – 5 Major Benefits of Digital Kiosks for your Team

In the retail world, the backbone of any business is its team. Without your staff, customers would be confused, and shelves would be empty. They’re the lifeblood of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other retail environments.

Digital retail kiosks don’t just improve footfall and efficiency for your customers; they help support your staff too.

Digital Kiosks for Retail Companies

There are a range of digital kiosks that can be used in retail. These include:

At a glance, these main kiosks don’t seem to directly improve the work life of staff, as they are designed to attract customers and improve their shopping experience. But customer-focused digital kiosks DO have a positive impact on retail staff.

The main goal of a retail employee is to help customers. This can be done in a number of ways, everything from recommending a product to giving directions. Unfortunately, in such a fast-paced environment, staff aren’t able to dedicate much time to helping customers and may have to rush off in order to get everything done.

By incorporating digital retail kiosks into your store, you offer your customers new ways to get the help they need. For example, our interactive kiosks provide customers with access to your store’s catalogues, allowing them to browse and place orders easily from one place.

This frees up your staff, ensuring that all of their tasks are completed on time, but without sacrificing customer service. And with extra time on their hands, when they are approached by customers, they can provide better service, advice, or even just have a chat. All of which improves employee and customer satisfaction.

Self-service kiosks also provide indirect support for staff. During peak times, queues are inevitable. To reduce the number of frustrated customers, self-service kiosks provide a ‘fast lane’ where they can checkout themselves.

Reducing queuing takes the pressure off your staff too and in general helps checkouts to run smoothly all day, every day.

Digital Kiosks for Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that digital signage on screens can be more engaging than traditional print media. Digital retail kiosks can not only provide much more information, but also keep that information up to date, and make it more eye-catching for your staff.

For example, if you had an in-store event coming up, it’s important that staff are made aware ahead of time. Traditionally, you’d have posters on a noticeboard, flyers, or call staff in for meetings (or a series of meetings if you have a large team with varied shifts).

If you implemented a digital kiosk into your employee area, you could provide all the information about the event in one place. It could have the basic info in plain sight, with more available by touching the screen. When the event is over, it can then be replaced with whatever is coming up next, or more general info that would normally be on display. There is no need to rely on word of mouth and easy-to-miss notices.

The versatility of digital kiosks is why they are the future of retail. In one poster-sized screen you can provide limitless information, all of which can be updated and interacted with. Print media is also expensive and time consuming, making digital retail kiosks an investment that saves you money in the long run.

Digital Kiosks for Improved Workplace Efficiency

Digital kiosks can streamline a retail environment by giving staff access to the information they need at their fingertips. It’s great when customers can see your entire catalogue in one place, but it’s equally as beneficial for your staff. With more knowledge of current, past, and upcoming products, staff can provide better information for customers, keeping them informed of what’s popular, and why they should come back again soon.

This is also useful for stock takes and cycling out products. When you know exactly what products are where because that information is being recorded digitally, you can make changes to your shelves in half the time or less!

Thirdly, there are a number of tasks that can be done from a digital kiosk. Clocking in, for example, can be done in moments simply by logging into a kiosk. This enables managers to track attendance more easily, and see who is currently in work, removing the need for inconvenient sign-in sheets and looking around for staff.

Digital Kiosks for Employee Training

Training new hires is an important part of retail. The training needs to be in depth but also effective. Simply shadowing a member of staff won’t cover all bases, even during multiple shifts. On the other hand, giving your new hire pages of information to read may cover everything, but that information can be forgotten or skipped.

So what’s the solution? Our tablet kiosks can be filled with important training materials that are much more engaging for a new employee. It can feature quizzes, safety guides, videos, virtual demonstrations, and even contracts, all accessible via a single screen.

This isn’t just effective for new hires either. If an employee needs training in a new department, or managers feel they need a refresher, the necessary materials are available at any time.

By using digital kiosks to train your staff, you provide all the required knowledge and support them as they integrate within your team. Once the training is completed, you’ll know that they’ll be keen and ready to work well from day one.

But speaking of new hires, digital kiosks have one more use:

Digital Kiosks for Attracting New Hires

Retail is one of the most competitive industries across the UK and beyond. This means that you’re constantly competing with other companies to bring in the best new talent. The hiring pool may be large, but you want every member of staff to be top quality.

Digital transformation is key to staying ahead of the curve in retail. If your store looks dated, you not only risk turning off potential customers, but potential employees too.

Digital kiosks add modernity to your shop floor. From high-tech advertising to interactive catalogues, these all show the world that you’re growing fast and moving with the times.

When a prospective new hire enters your store, CV in hand, first impressions matter. If they see a store with cutting-edge tech for staff and customers, they’ll know the job is worth bringing their A-game for.

Why Choose 10 Squared?

Digital retail kiosks aren’t just for your customers. Your staff are an essential part of your business, so giving them the tools to work better than ever is only beneficial. We have a wide range of kiosks that can support your staff and make your store more appealing for potential new hires.

We’ve been providing digital kiosks for retail for over two decades. As the retail world has evolved, so have we, adapting to changes so we can always provide the best products for shops, cafes, restaurants, and shopping centres.

We help you to transform your business and encourage growth by bringing in new customers, supporting your staff, and improving the overall shopping experience.

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