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How Digital Kiosks Sell Products  

Digital kiosks can benefit businesses in a number of ways. From advertising to staff training, they’re essential tools for a company looking to grow. But their biggest benefit is how they can help you promote your products. Today we’re going to talk all about how digital kiosks sell products, and how to maximise their effectiveness.  

Digital kiosks can: 

  • Promote deals 
  • Allow customers to experience a product firsthand  
  • Give customers access to catalogues 
  • Streamline the shopping experience 
  • Collect valuable data to help you grow 
  • Help you stand out from the crowd at expos and during presentations  

Types of Digital Kiosk 

Although most are multi-purpose, there are a few types of digital kiosk to consider, all with different strengths.  

How Advertising Kiosks Sell Products 

First, advertising screens. Enticing customers into your store or encouraging them to approach you at a digital expo is the biggest driver of sales. Even if it doesn’t directly convert to a sale, more foot traffic and intertest is only beneficial.  

Our versatile screens can display multiple images, videos, and graphics on a rolling display, meaning you can show off multiple products at once. The displays are large, catching the eyes of shoppers from across large areas, with HD screens that show your products at their best.  

How Interactive Kiosks Sell Products 

Interactive kiosks give customers access to more information than can be included on an advertising kiosk. Digital catalogues give them access to all of your products, with large images and clear text available at the touch of a screen. Accessibility is a major benefit of digital kiosks, offering the support that customers need.  

Catalogues don’t just remove the need for browsing, but are also a great way to advertise deals, discounts, and upcoming stock customers may be interested in.  

How Self-Service Kiosks Sell Products 

Last but not least, self-service digital kiosks are designed to streamline the shopping experience. Queues can be cut short as customers can pay for, or collect, the products they love without the need for a member of staff. This takes pressure off your team too, giving them more time to engage with customers whilst still completing all of their daily tasks.  

How Digital Kiosks Collect Data 

Designing products that will sell is a massive part of the retail industry. To ensure your products are the best, you need as much information as possible from your existing customers. Or if you are branching out and want to target new demographics, you need to discover what they’re looking for.  

Digital kiosks collect customer data that is invaluable for a growing business. Every time they make a purchase via a self-service kiosk, or place an order using an interactive catalogue, you can ask questions about their experience in store, how satisfied they are with the selection, and if there’s anything they’d like to see in the future.  

Customer surveys are tricky to conduct, but digital kiosks make them a breeze. Our clients tell us that the feedback they receive is more honest and ‘to-the-point’ than ever before, which they’ve used to soar past their competitors.  

It isn’t just quality feedback either. The more data you collect, the more confident you’ll be when taking the next step forward in product design. This can be from a range of demographics too, so it’s clear who to focus on.  

Digital Kiosks for Presentations 

Digital kiosks aren’t just for retail. Expos and presentations are the perfect way to showcase products, but they’re always very competitive.  

By utilizing a digital kiosk, you can not only give information about the product more easily, but also in a more engaging way. Visitors to an expo are overwhelmed with information and are already forgetting important details as they leave. Instead of handing out flyers and business cards, create an interactive experience that they’ll be thinking about for weeks.   

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to appear slick and modern. A digital kiosk next to stands full of posters and clipboards is a great first impression; you’ll be the envy of all your biggest rivals if you’re the first to adopt new tech.  

Outside of expos, digital kiosks can be used for internal presentations too 

Why Choose 10Squared?  

You know what’s best for your business. You also know that standing still is the easiest way to lose customers and fall behind in your sector. Digital kiosks help you to push forward, modernising your organisation and making it better for you, your team, and your customers.   

We’ve been providing digital kiosks for over twenty years and have seen the retail industry grow and change. Just like you, we’ve adapted to the times, creating amazing products that are the best available. Now they’re ready and waiting to help you to do the same.  

Digital kiosks make selling products easier than ever. No matter what you specialize in, we have the experience to help you choose the perfect solutions.  

If you have any questions about us or any of our kiosks, please get in touch.  

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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