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How Digital Kiosks benefit Businesses 

In a fast-paced industry, business owners look for any way they can gain an advantage over their rivals. No matter the sector, the best option is always to invest in new technologies that give them a modern edge. If you aren’t using digital kiosks within your business, you’re missing out on valuable sales, and may soon fall behind.  

The Importance of Digital Kiosks for Businesses 

Digital kiosks can benefit a wide range of businesses, from healthcare and hospitality to finance and film production. They not only give your clients and customers new ways to experience what you do but are also useful for you and your team.  

But what are digital kiosks? 

Digital kiosks are screens that either display information or can be interacted with. There are 3 main types of digital kiosk: 

Let’s break them down one at a time. 

Digital Signage for Businesses 

If you run a retail business, you know the importance of signage. Catching the eye of potential customers directly increases your sales.  

Posters and flyers have worked well for a long time, but they’re a dated method nowadays. Digital signage not only gives you more versatility with what you advertise; they also save you money in the long run. Printing costs are more expensive than ever before, and the effort required to put up and take down banners and posters is a drain on your staff.  

Digital signage can be customised for every deal and seasonal promotion, showing multiple in a single day, and can be changed at the push of a button.  

It isn’t just the retail industry that benefits either. If your business relies on passersby entering your premises, why not coax them in with high-tech signage? We’re in a digital age; nothing catches the eye better than one of our kiosks.  

Interactive Digital Kiosks for Businesses 

Once potential clients and customers are on your premises, and keen to look around, what next? Well this is where our digital kiosks really shine.  

Let’s use the hospitality sector for our next example. Imagine you’re checking into a modern hotel, and in the lobby, instead of a bored staff member behind a counter, you find sleek check-in machines that have all the information you need. These not only make your arrival smoother but take the pressure off staff too.  

Digital kiosks are also becoming the go-to solution for navigation too. In a large shop or shopping centre, an interactive map containing opening hours, and the details of all stores in the vicinity helps shoppers find their way.  

If you are training new staff members, or your existing team are looking to develop knew skills, an interactive digital kiosk can help. Our small screens can include training courses, which are much more engaging than scrolling through documents. Video content can be included too. 

Finally, digital kiosks are valuable in the healthcare industry. They allow patients to check in to hospital for appointments, collect prescriptions, and find out any required information they need. In such a fast-paced and stressful environment, encouraging the use of these kiosks helps everything run smoothly. 

Self-Service Digital Kiosks for Businesses 

Self-service digital kiosks have had the most innovation over the last few years. The standard self-service checkouts you’ll find in a supermarket still work well but are very dated compared to what we provide.  

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) kiosks have been a key part of a tech revolution in the fast food and restaurant world. These allow customers to place their orders without going to the counter. This has shortened queues and taken the pressure off staff. QSR kiosks are also great for advertising and recommending deals to customers, boosting sales in ways a human staff members can’t. 

Who uses Digital Kiosks? 

We’ve mentioned a few sectors who benefit from digital kiosks, but there are a lot more we haven’t had chance to mention. Here’s a list of businesses who use digital kiosks: 

  • Finance  
  • Advertising/Marketing 
  • Hospitality  
  • Restaurants  
  • Film Studios 
  • Photographers/Videographers 
  • Presenters at Events/Meetings/Trade Shows 
  • Fuel & Service Stations 

Why Choose 10 Squared?  

There are few businesses that don’t benefit from digital kiosks. Whether you are training staff, enticing customers, or just want a more modern look for your business, they’re a worthwhile investment.  

We’ve been providing digital kiosks for businesses for over two decades. With experience in every industry, we can advise you about which digital kiosks will give you the most immediate benefit, and help you stay ahead of your competitors.  

To find out more about what we do, and how we can boost your business, please get in touch.  

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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