Hygiene Hub, Designed by 10 Squared

Getting back to work with your kiosk.

Cleaning your kiosk throughout COVID-19.

For those of you who own a 10 Squared kiosk, it’s more than likely that it will be publicly facing. In these times it is especially important that the kiosk both looks good and operates effectively; but it also needs to be as clean as possible to minimise any risk to the user. 

Below are a few tips to help you clean and maintain your kiosk during COVID-19.

  • Use a lint free cloth

Abrasive materials such as paper towels, rags and brushes may damage the screen and paintwork. Only use soft microfibre and lint free cloths on the screen and surrounding area.

  • Only use approved products

Soap and Water is always a safe start when cleaning your kiosk. Products containing IPA (isopro alcohol), Methanol and Ethanol are all suitable for the screen. Please take care with these products on painted surfaces as they may cause the paint work to deteriorate. Disinfectants are also fine but again bleach should be avoided around the paint work.

  • Provide cleaning solutions

Keep hand sanitiser and disinfecting wipes near your kiosks to ensure customers have the option to clean surfaces before or after use if they wish.

  • Maintain social distancing

Placing markings at a distance of 2 metres apart around your kiosk, using a durable tape or other markings, will allow users to maintain their social distancing from others.

Made In Britain Logo

Hygiene Hub – A new digital solution for health & safety. 

At 10 Squared, we’ve designed and manufactured a new digital solution for health & safety. This is an innovative dispenser that we call ‘Hygiene Hub’. The Hygiene Hub has been designed specifically to meet the new requirements that many businesses now face and is manufactured in Britain. Likewise, we have also built it to be cost effective and affordable during these current times. 

The Hygiene Hub offers touch free dispensing of hand sanitiser for cleaning of hands and contactless use of the product. Unlike a lot of standard dispensers on the market, it also dispenses wipes for the cleaning of surfaces.

Moreover, the Hygiene Hub has an in-built digital screen, that can be both free standing or wall mounted. The product can also be to promote instructional hygiene information as well as promotional messaging – ensuring your environment and the customers and staff within it stay as clean as possible.

For more details on the Hygiene Hub or any information around our services, contact us via the website or telephone. 

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