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Digital Signage for Hospitals 

If you’ve been to a hospital recently, either to visit or for something more serious, you’ll have noticed that they’re a maze of corridors, all leading to dozens of different wards.  

Without clear signage, finding your way around hospital would be impossible, unless you have a few hours to spare. But signage is changing; vinyl stickers aren’t the only way to point people in the right direction, and many hospitals and clinics are using a more modern approach.  

The Importance of Signage in Hospitals 

Even small hospitals are split into sections. These are often to separate different types of patients into wards where they can receive the correct treatment and aftercare.  

There are a few ways that hospitals make each ward distinct. Usually there is a colour system, so all you need to do is follow the correct colour, and you’ll know where you are. This is especially important for short-sighted patients and visitors who might be unable to read overhead signs.  

Next, the signs themselves. These use a combination of letters and numbers to differentiate the wards and split the ward itself into smaller sections. If clearly posted, with lists explaining which is which, these work well.  

If all else fails, there will often be a nurse, doctor, or receptionist close by to ask for help.  

The signs are, as a rule, vinyl stickers attached to walls. With a strong adhesion and bold colours, these work better than cardboard or plastic signs that can be easily damaged. However, what do hospital staff do if they want to rearrange the ward?  

Vinyl stickers are not easy to remove from walls. They’re designed to last for decades, so getting them to unstick is a challenge. When you have dozens to remove, some of which are very large, it becomes a big job in an environment where maintenance time is minimal.  

Then, once they’re removed, they have to be replaced, as they can’t be stuck back on. It’s no wonder that hospitals are jumping at the chance to switch to a digital solution. 

Digital Signage for Hospitals 

Digital signage benefits a wide range of businesses; for hospitals it can change lives. That’s not an exaggeration either, the digital signage we’ve provided for our hospital and clinic clients have improved efficiency for staff and have been supporting patients and visitors since the second they were switched on. 

So, how does digital signage work in hospitals?  

Well, our digital kiosks can display a wide range of information at any given time. You’ve probably seen a few examples already; they’re being used a lot for digital signage in shopping centres and department stores.  

Like the traditional rolling kiosks, that cycle through different advertisements and displays over the course of a few minutes, our wayfinding kiosks can display a lot of information. This includes:  

  • Directions to other wards 
  • Directions within the ward 
  • Information about the ward and the treatment being provided 
  • Visiting hours and patient schedules 

At a glance, you have all the information that multiple vinyl signs would include all in one place. There’s no need to look around the corridor for the information you’re missing. And unlike traditional signage, this information can be updated daily or even hourly, if necessary, on a clear screen that anyone can read.  

Standup kiosk in Hospital registration

Interactive Signage for Hospitals 

Signage that can be interacted with has been proven to be more effective than static or rolling displays. Our interactive kiosk maps give users the ability to see the entire hospital or ward laid out clearly. They can then zoom or focus on different areas so they can find their way.  

Our main priority with interactive signage is accessibility. We ensure that anyone can use our digital kiosks, with bright, clear screens containing large text and simple layouts that make using them a breeze. This is especially important in hospitals, where mobility and sight issues are more common than in any other setting.  

Interactive signage can benefit staff too. It can take a while to learn your way around a hospital, even if you are there for most of the day. Plus if you have to switch wards for any reason, you need to get up to speed as quickly as possible.  

We also provide small, portable screens designed for hospital staff. These can be used to keep track of patients’ schedules, shift rotas, and any other information required. Notebooks, loose printouts, and whiteboards can all be a thing of the past with interactive kiosks.  

Last but not least, we produce check-in kiosks for use in hospital receptions. Checking into hospital can be a time-consuming process and puts a lot of pressure on reception staff. Our kiosks free up your staff by giving visitors a way to check-in themselves. And if they would rather speak to a human, reception is close by but with shorter queues.  

Standing kiosk checkin at hospital

The Best Digital Signage for Hospitals  

Like any business, hospitals are trying to be as modern as possible. If they use the best technology, they can provide better treatment for patients, and more support for staff and visitors.  

Signage and wayfinding kiosks may seem less important than high-tech medical supplies (in some ways, it certainly is) but navigating safely around hospital is essential for patient care. In what can be a very stressful environment, if they can find their way easily, their stay will be more pleasant overall.  

We’ve worked with many hospitals over the last few decades and have seen how much has changed. But signage has stayed stubbornly the same. We’re doing something about that, providing digital signage for hospitals that will work well for a long time.  

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